al Cazar el Carpincho Azul

Musings on my move to Nicaragua in search of the elusive Carpincho Azul.



Here's a picture of me and Paulo with my Mom from last July, when Paulo and I got married in a simple civil ceremony at our home on the hill. My folks came down from Maine to share this special event with us.

July 19 was a lovely day; the ceremony was conducted by our friend Wolfgang, who is a judge here (in Tola, near the Pacific coast). July 19 is a day of celebration in Nicaragua, being the date of the successful insurrection in 1979, and is widely celebrated. This means that as long as we live in Nicaragua, we will always have our anniversary as a day off! But the date is also significant in my family, being the birthday of my Aunt Margaret (QEPD) and (I found out later from my Uncle Charles), the wedding anniversary of my grandparents.

The "rock" behind us is actually a petrified tree, brought down (with much effort) from San Juan de Limay (near Esteli, up north) by our friend Fidel many years back. It is much coveted, especially by a local rich guy who comes by periodically to see if we're willing to sell yet. Coincidentally, this rich guy is someone I am in periodic contact with about funding for projects at the Cultural Center, leading to some interesting interactions.


At March 27, 2006 at 5:00 PM, Blogger Allison said...

Well, I am a bad friend. I had no idea. Thank goodness I asked for everyone's blog links.

Congratulation to you both. This whole adventurous move to Nicaragua seems to have been a fantastic move for you.


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