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Three days 'til shipping

Shippers are coming on Sunday to take away 4 boxes of what will apparently be my most important and worthy possessions. I'm not quite sure what they all are yet, as I have only about 1/8 of the total box space filled so far. Turns out there's a lot of yarn in there--after my e-bay linen yarn buying spree, linen and cotton from my mom's stash, and (after tonight) using up my yarn co-op credit at the best knitting salon in Boston: Circles. That was all well and good when I thought my main responsibility was going to be feeding our menagerie on the hill. However, now that I'll have real responsibilities (i.e. a job), it's harder to know when the knitting will happen.

My main concern with the shipping right now (or, more precisely, the packing) is that the books appear to be multiplying when my back is turned, and I'm no longer sure they'll fit in the one small "book box" I'm allowing myself. The second biggest concern is knowing how to pack stuff so potentially fragile items won't break.

Actually, I was thinking about the boxes the other day, as I began packing in earnest. The theory is that books go in the smallest box, b/c they are heavy and you don't want to load up lots of heavy things into a large space. That's great logic, but I'm noticing that some of the bigger boxes also have heavy things--like a drill, for instance. That sucker weighs a ton. And what about the iron skillet? At what point have I missed the general idea of keeping heavy things confined to smaller containers?

Happily, all these questions will be anwered by Sunday afternoon, and then I'll just have to wait for the chosen items to arrive at la Colina. The extra good part is that my Dad will be helping me pack on Saturday, and he's the best packer I know. If he can't make it all fit, it just wasn't meant to fit.


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