al Cazar el Carpincho Azul

Musings on my move to Nicaragua in search of the elusive Carpincho Azul.


Countdown begins

The Carpincho Azul last appeared in Barcelona, circa New Year's 2004. Hopes are high he'll be found at the Colinita in Managua.

We're now at T-19 days to transcontinental moving day. Things left to do:

- money stuff
- finish packing
- try to get rid of more stuff!
- make sure everyone gets scheduled in who wants before I take off
- last appointments for hair, teeth, health, etc.
- figure out health care and mail system in Managua

I'm sure I'm forgetting more than a few things. At least the shippers are all set up. And travel docs seem to be in order--a quick trip to NYC (and some cash) took care of that. I wish we'd had more time there, though.


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