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Musings on my move to Nicaragua in search of the elusive Carpincho Azul.


3 days in Managua, 3 hours with luggage

We arrived in Managua on Tuesday (3 days ago), but my luggage didn't arrive until today. Although it was annoying not have anything from the 4 giant suitcases I packed, I actually survived ok. The only things I really missed were clean pants and my sunscreen. And sunscreen I was able to borrow from my mom.

The rabbits seem to have survived the travel ok. If anyone knows how to get good hay in this part of the world, or names for equivalent hays from the USA, feel free to leave them in comments. This isn't my only effort and identifying a new source, but it's best not to leave any stone unturned, right? Anyway, Joan and Frida are settling in, and the zoo on the hill is intensely curious to know about these new "cats".

We're off to Ometepe for the weekend. I'll try to find a link to post here so you can see what that's like. There are some pictures from my last trip there, in on of the previous posts.

Otherwise, the past three days have been mostly about settling in to the house, visiting various markets, and eating. We also visited the Cultural Center which had a nice survey of Nicaraguan history and art. The tour guide was a friend of Paulo's that he knew from Chelsea; now he's the bilingual guide at the Center.


At December 3, 2004 at 2:27 PM, Blogger Kel said...

Hi how you doing.. I really like ur blog, Im at if u want to drop by, please feel free to comment.. always looking to make new friends and exchanging links if int cheers tt4n


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